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We understand that being arrested and charged with a crime is a frightening experience. If you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, it’s crucial to contact an experienced Alabama criminal defense lawyer right away.

Our law firm’s mission is to aggressively and tenaciously defend our client even before the case reaches the courtroom! You need to know your rights under the law, and immediately act to protect them. The best way to protect yourself is to consult an attorney who understands the criminal defense system. Immediate action taken on your behalf can be a critical factor in the outcome of your case.

Every person accused of a crime has the right to a strong defense and the opportunity to exercise his or her Constitutional rights. At William L. Smith Law Firm, we provide aggressive criminal defense to individuals accused of misdemeanor and felony offenses in Alabama. We represent clients charged with many misdemeanor and felony offenses, including:

• Drug crimes
• Sex crimes
• Theft and other property crimes
• Domestic violence, assault and violent crimes
• DUI, DWI and other drunk driving offenses
• Traffic violations, including reckless driving
• Failure to comply with a child support order
• Contempt citations
• Death penalty cases
• Murder, attempted murder and capital murder

The penalties in these cases can range from fines, probation and community service to jail or prison time in the most severe cases. When you consider the serious and long-lasting repercussions a criminal conviction may have on your reputation, freedom, driving privileges, employment and educational opportunities, and your future as a whole, it is easy to see why you should take every action possible to avoid this outcome.

The action you take immediately after your arrest can be the most important decision with regard to the outcome of your case. It is strongly advised that you never answer questions from investigators or law enforcement without first contacting our firm to protect your rights throughout the process. Many have regretted making the error of discussing the situation without their attorney present. Everything you say will definitely be used against you, and it is vital that you do not damage your case by unintentionally incriminating yourself. Do not think for one minute that because you are innocent you have nothing to fear from talking. Many innocent people have been convicted because they assume their innocence makes it safe for them to answer questions.

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals charged with crimes in Chambers County, Alabama courts. (Including courts in the cities of Lanett, Valley, and LaFayette) We remain dedicated to defending you aggressively. The case for the defense must be carefully built, and the evidence against you skillfully challenged in court. The skill with which this is done is a pivotal aspect of any criminal accusations. You can be assured that you will have the legal representation that is so important when you are fighting to avoid conviction and the repercussions of being found guilty. At the Law Office of William L. Smith, you can rest assured knowing that a knowledgeable, and experienced criminal defense lawyer will be handling your legal matters.

For decades, the attorneys at William L. Smith Law Firm have been defending clients facing large and small criminal charges. Our law firm is available to take your case quickly and confidently. We will go the extra mile to thoroughly investigate your case, and get the best possible result in or out of court. Although the future may seem bleak, there is always something a criminal defense attorney can do to positively impact your case. If you or someone you love has been arrested and needs an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact a Lanett criminal defense lawyer at William L. Smith Law Firm.

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